Massachusetts Mediation Information

Mediation is a process where both parties can come together in a neutral environment and, as a Massachusetts Mediator, I will help you to try and work through your issues without the need to progress to litigation.

There are 6 steps to a formal mediation; 1) introductory remarks, 2) statement of the problem by the parties, 3) information gathering time, 4) identification of the problems, 5) bargaining and generating options, and 6) reaching an agreement.

Introductory Remarks
As a Massachusetts Mediator, I will wait until both parties are present and then make introductions. The physical setting will be controlled so that no party feels threatened. I will then give an opening statement that lays out the role of the participants and demonstrates the mediator’s neutrality. The opening statement will set out the ground rules for the mediation. These ground rules are what help the mediation move along smoothly.

Statement of the Problem by the Parties
After the opening statement, as a Massachusetts Mediator, I will give each side the opportunity to tell their story uninterrupted. I will ask that you speak for yourselves and tell your uninterrupted side of the story, even if you choose to have attorneys present. The statement is not necessarily a recital of the facts, but it is to give each party an opportunity to frame issues in your own mind, and to give me more information on the emotional state of each party.

Information Gathering
As a Massachusetts Mediator, I will ask open-ended questions to get to the full story and an understanding of any emotional undercurrents. I may repeat back key ideas and will summarize often. This will aid in not only my understanding of the situation, but often aids you in gaining a greater awareness for your own position.

Problem Identification
As a Massachusetts Mediator, I will try to find common goals between both parties. I will figure out which issues are going to be able to settle or those that will settle first.

Bargaining and Generating Options and Reaching an Agreement
As a Massachusetts Mediator, I can help you to discuss problems that commonly arise, including Division of Marital Property, Alimony and Support, Tax Consequences, Custody and Visitation. Through open and honest discussions of these issues, I can help the parties to explore their options and, hopefully, come to a negotiated agreement.